By 2022 a Pan-European living lab and integrative European University will be established through fostering outreach within european regions, transnational higher education and mobility based on values that the FORTHEM members share  – education for open-minded people committed to our common democratic values.

Our progress towards FORTHEM in 2025:

Moving towards our educational vision is a continuous, collaborative process extending well beyond the end of the funding period in 2022. FORTHEM alliance has already agreed upon the following milestones for the three subsequent years:

    • Transnational Higher Educational Strategy and the three missions made alive;
    • reaching the numeric goal of 50 % of innovative student mobility;
    • 4 more joint degree programs;
    • inclusive FORTHEM Digital Academy with online courses, and new, tandem-learning and student tutoring facilities;
    • FORTHEM Labs w 7 obszarach badawczych;
    • larger numbers of degree-seeking applicants from outside the EU increased outreach activities and volunteer work of students;
    • wspólne doradztwo zawodowe.

With teachers from all school levels, communication and media professionals, social scientists and business managers as the largest groups of alumni who have benefitted from the alliance activities, the dissemination of the alliance activities is extensive.