Fostering Outreach within European Regions, Transnational Higher Education and Mobility

The nine FORTHEM universities aim to transform and shape the future of the European higher education and research area. The universities have therefore established a research, education, innovation and transfer intertwining, student-centred and inclusive European University with a strong regional anchoring;

FORTHEM is an alliance of nine public universities with a well-balanced geographical distribution in Europe. All universities are firmly rooted in the social and economic fabric of their respective European regions, some interlinked by political structures such as town twinnings and regional partnerships. The alliance represents a community of 225000 students and 30000 staff, in contact with more than two million citizens. FORTHEM is an alliance with a strong willingness to integrate everyone: working FOR THEM means to work for every student and for every staff member, involving all nine regions.

FORTHEM works diligently to implement the “knowledge square” in the respective regions,to enhanceinnovative, student-centred pedagogies in all nine universities, and to ensurethat multidisciplinarity, multiculturality and multilingualism aresubstantial features of education, research and innovation. FORTHEM melds the unique assets of each partner university into a greater wholeto provide excellent transnational experiences for all students and staff. Co-creation with students, staff and the public and private sectorswhile educating is at the core of FORTHEM.