Between the days of 26.09 and 30.09 students and university staff took part in an international students project that was organised by the Forthem consortium. The Project was about raising social awareness about the superbugs issue. It is a continuation of the Project created by professor Belén Fouz and professor Sergi Macias (Faculty of Microbiology and Ecology, Faculty of Biology form the University of Valencia UV) In this part of the project, over a dozen of students and a few professors from 4 universities arrived in Mainz ( Univeristy of Opole, University of Valencia, University of Palermo and the Johannes Gutenberg University).

All students took part In seminars, lab activities and self made workshops. The meetings were about the dangers of superbugs and about raising awareness of improper use of anibiotics. The students also talked about creating tools to property analyze the change in attitudes due to a photo and poster exhibition In highschools. During the visit In Mainz the professors took part In meetings and workshops to plan future activities and further develop the team that is engaged In the project.